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A few things I’m good at.

Working with servers and all things tech is not only my job but my passion I’ve worked hard and plan to use this blog not only to share the knowledge I’ve gained but to learn from the large community i’m already apart of.

Linux Operating systems

I’m a daily user of all things Linux like most at the start it confused me but some determination i have become a capable linux server administrator.

Windows Operating systems 

starting out as an apprentice in the IT industry Windows was my bread and butter i have experience with windows from XP to server 2016, I’m no where near an expert but if i come across a problem I am to devise an solution.

Computer building.

My passion for computers started when I made the decision to build my first computer, a useful skill learnt by following online videos which gave me the necessary skills to further my career with server builds.


Starting with just a ubuntu server running KVM i have expanded my knowledge on both software based virtuisation such xenserver and hardware based virtuisation such vmware ESXI.

Gareth Jones

About me.

I am a young tech enthusiast making my way forward in the tech industry. I started out as an apprentice and have worked my way upto a 2nd line hosting engineer. In my spare time I expand my knowledge working on my own server keeping best practice in mind for both design and security.
When I dont have my head in the digital cloud I like to play video games or get out on my motorcycle and enjoy the sun.

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